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In Russian Base: Fidel Castro Was Shown a Captured 
Alien Spacecraft and the Corpse of Its Pilot

By Jorge Martín – Puerto Rico.

C. Jorge Martín, 2012. Do not reproduce without permission.

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In March 29, 2012 former President of Cuba, Fidel Castro issued another one of his written "Reflections',  entitled "The need to enrich our knowledge."
In the letter, he discussed several issues related to the dangers for the survival of humankind posed by the current warmongering race that some of the world powers are enforcing, and how the bearers of these actions tend to be characters who suffer from a lack of culture and / or knowledge.
Given the above,  he said a key factor in achieving a high degree of awareness is to obtain the highest possible degree of enrichment of our knowledge.
He discussed some of the current geo-political problems, but suddenly interjected into another subject, the possibility of extraterrestrial life in the universe around us.
About it he said: "When Pope John Paul II visited the country (Cuba) in 1998, more than once before his arrival I talked about various issues with some of his helpers.
"I particularly remember the time when we sat down to dinner in a small room of the Palace of the Revolution with Joaquín Navarro Valls, spokesman of the Pope, sitting across from me. To the right was a kind and intelligent priest that came with the Speaker and accompanied John Paul II at the Masses.
"Curious about the details, I asked Navarro Valls 'Do you think that the immense sky with millions of stars was made for the delight of the inhabitants of the Earth when we deign to look up some nights?' 'Absolutely'- he said. It is the only inhabited planet in the Universe '.
"I turned then to the priest and said, 'What do you think of that father?' He responded:" I think there is a 99.9 percent chance that there is intelligent life on other planets '.
“The answer does not violate any religious principle. Multiplied mentally, who knows how many times the figure, it was the kind of answer I would consider correct.
"After that, that noble priest was always friendly to our country. To share friendship you do not have to share the beliefs.
"Today Thursday, as occurs with increasing frequency, an European entity with knowledge published an article on the subject which reads, verbatim: “There could be thousands of millions of planets not much larger than Earth orbiting faint stars in our galaxy, according to an international team of astronomers.
"The estimated number of 'super-Earths"-planets with up to ten times the mass of the Earth is based on discoveries already made and then extrapolated to include the population of so-called' dwarf stars' of the Milky Way.
"Our new observations show that about 40% of red dwarf stars have a 'super-Earth" orbiting in their habitable zone, in which there may be liquid water on the surface of the planet”,  said Xabier Bonfills, head of the team of Sciences of the Universe Observatory of Grenoble, France.
"Because red dwarfs are so common, there are about 160,000 million of them in the Milky Way, this leads to the surprising results that there are tens of million of these planets in our galaxy alone."
"His studies suggest that there are 'super-Earths' in habitable zones in 41% of cases, ranging from 28 to 95%.
"40% of red dwarf stars have a 'super-Earth" orbiting in the habitable zone, where water can exist in liquid form. "
"That leads to the obvious question as to whether any of these planets is not only habitable, but has life."
"But these stars are given to stellar flares, which can bathe nearby planets with X rays or ultraviolet radiation, which may make less likely the existence of life.
"We have now to find traces of life on those planets," said The researcher from the Observatory of Genoa, Stephane Udry.
"If we can see traces of elements related to life such as oxygen in that light, then we could obtain evidence on whether there is life on the planet. '"
"A plain reading of these reports demonstrates the possibility and necessity to enhance our knowledge, enrich it, knowledge now fragmented and dispersed.
"We may take positions critical of the superficiality with which we address both cultural and material problems. I do not doubt our world is changing much more rapidly than we can imagine."
That much is written by Castro in his reflection, but what he discussed in it opened to us a door to reveal an important information we had known for some time, which due to personal considerations we had not published, until now.

More About the Meeting with John Paul II... and an Area 51 in Russia

In year 2002 the renowned Cuban filmmaker Octavio Cortázar visited Puerto Rico in order to participate in the San Juan Cinemafest (International Film Festival).
Knowing our journalisic expertise in the field of UFO research in Puerto Rico, he called us at the editorial offices of our magazine ENIGMAS del Milenio, asking to meet with us.
We met and he gave us a copy of the first documentary ever made in Cuba about the UFO topic, of which he had been co-producer.
The documentary, entitled "UFOs in Cuba" is an excellent production that seriously and responsibly reports the very interesting UFO incidence of the island of Cuba.
Cortázar was Vice President of the prestigious UNEAC (the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba), and founder of the International School of Film and Television of Cuba, due to this, he was very respected in his professional field, both in Cuba and abroad. 
The picture below shows Octavio Cortázar (left) and myself (right) during our encouter in San Juan.

During our conversation we exchanged information on UFO cases from our respective countries, Cuba and Puerto Rico, and he revealed to us something very important that had come to his knowledge due to his position of trust as vice director of the UNEAC.
He said that besides Fidel Castro meeting with the Speaker of the Vatican and other aidees he had also discussed the issue of extraterrestrial life with Pope John Paul II himself when he visited Cuba in 1998.
According to Cortázar, Castro asked John Paul II what he thought about the possibility that man was not alone in the universe, and the Pope would have said that the probability of life beyond Earth was a fact.
They also discussed a wide range of data, even related to the observations of so-called Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs.
We conducted a recorded interview with Cortázar and played the recording in our radio show 'UFO Evidence',  on radio station NotiUno, excluding the details related to the meeting between John Paul II and Fidel Castro and their talk about extraterrestrial life, as Cortázar said he preferred it to be Castro himself who eventually revealed the fact. 

Picture above: Fidel Castro greets Pope 
John Paul II during his visit to Cuba in 1998

We agreed not to publish anything about it until the right time to do it arrived, and now, with what was said by Castro in his reflection, we feel free to do so.
But what is it that provokes Castro's interest in the subject of extraterrestrial life?
Another information offered to us later, which came to from sources we consider irrefutable, gave us the answer to that question.

Castro Saw an Alien Spaceship and the Corpse of its Pilot

Later, during the celebration of the Puerto Rico Books Fair in San Juan, we presented our book 'Vieques: Caribbean UFO Cover-Up of the Third Kind', which deals on an apparent UFO / alien secret program the US NAVY had been involved with in the island-municipality of Vieques, which is part of the Puerto Rican archipelago.
Among other authors who were presenting their books at the fair was Attorney Juan Mari Brás, a well known pro Puerto Rico independence leader and socialist, accompanied by Mrs. Providencia (Pupa) Trabal, another well-known and highly respected pro independence leader, who was very close to him and his family.
While talking with her about the content of our book, she revealed a series of UFO / alien experiences that she and her family had had, and suddenly she said, "You know something? Juan Mari Brás has important information about this matter that was given to him by Fidel Castro. "
Listening that struck us. ¿Fidel Castro talked to attorney Mari Brás about the UFO matter?
Cuban authorities have always been very frugal at official level about the UFO situation, and to hear that Fidel Castro had personally given Juan Mari Brás information on the matter demanded us knowing more about it.
What did Castro say to Mari Brás?, I asked Mrs. Trabal
"Well -she said-, on one ocassion we were talking and the UFO subject came up, I do not recall why, and Juan, though many do not know it, was very interested in the subject, and told us that during one of the meetings he had had in Cuba with Fidel Castro, Fidel had told him something important.
"He said that years before the fall of the Soviet Union, Fidel had traveled to Russia and the Soviet authorities had taken him to a military base in which there was a special laboratory, and they showed him there a UFO, a spaceship, a disk they had captured, and the body of a tall extraterrestrial being, that they kept preserved in a special box-like machine (a cryogenic freezer?)."
'This is very important. It is the first time this information is known’, we told the lady.
"I'm aware of that -she said-, and Juan had not spoken before about this, I think that because he thought Castro had told him this in confidence. But the fact is that he told us about it. And we believed Juan, because he is a person of great integrity, and would not say something like this if it was not true, and mostly if it had to do with Fidel Castro, who was his personal friend and for whom he felt great respect.
In picture shown above: 
Mrs. Providencia 'Pupa' Trabal and journalist Jorge Martín.

Picture above: 
Attorney and Puerto Rican Pro Independece leader Juan Mari Brás.

"I remember that he also told us that the Russians told Castro that they knew the Americans had a similar lab, a research center, with crafts and alien bodies," said Mrs. Trabal finally.
Later, we talked with Atty. Juan Mari Brás and asked him about what the Russians had revealed to Fidel Castro during his visit to the Soviet Union pertaining to the extraterrestrial spacecraft and the corpse of its pilot at the military base, and although he implied it was true, he would not elaborate more on the matter.
Today, with the statements made by Castro in his ‘Reflection,’ we are publishing this information as an exclusive revelation.

¿Plasetsk or Kapushtin Yar?

One question remains; which one was the military base Fidel Castro was taken to by the Soviet authorities, where he saw both the spaceship and the alien's corpse?
Recent reports have arisen independently talking about Area 51 type facilities in Russia, secret research similar to the one allegedly existing in Nevada, USA, where the USA Government allegedly keeps several alien spacecrafts recovered and / or captured, that are being studied to copy their advanced technology, as well as preserved alien corpses in special freezer-containers, for the purpose of examination, among other things.
One of the alleged Russian centers of this kind would be located in the Plasetsk Missile Testing Ground, located in northern Russia, which, 'coincidentally' for many years has been subjected to persistent surveillance by alien crafts.
This has been documented in many official reports, photographs and footage obtained by Russian military authorities.
Under these lines we are showing clear evidence of this, a photo taken by officers Ghenadi Korniev and Vassili Zaitsev on January 5, 1992 at the Plasetsk missile center, in which two disc-shaped UFOs can be observed hovering over the place.

The other center would be in the base of Kapushtin Yar, located in the region of Zhiktur in Astrakhan, Volgograd, in which there allegedly are several large hangars and an underground facility with several floors, in which Russian scientists would be conducting studies on the technology of captured and crashed alien spacecrafts in the territory of the former Soviet Union and actual Confederacy of Independent States, that were recovered by Russian military forces.
Allegedly, this is the main Area 51 type facility in Russia.
Under these lines we are showing a sketch with data on some of the extraterrestrial spacecrafts that the Russian Government keeps at this research center, made by a confidential Russian source, which was delivered to Italian journalist and UFO researcher Constantino Paglialunga in 1997.

Above: Illustration given to italian journalist Constantino Paglialunga
by a confidential source with the description of some of the alien crafts that were being examined by Russian scientists at the Kapushtin Yar center.

It is very possible that the place visited by Fidel Castro, where he saw both the alien spaceship and the alien corpse, was the center in Kapushtin Yar, but this will not be known with certainty until the Cuban leader decides to talk about it.
As former President Fidel Castro opened the door with his recent reflection for the discussion on the topic of extraterrestrial life; would he now reveal, in his own words, the reality of extraterrestrial life visiting us, of which he personally saw evidence during his trip to Russia?
In our view, it would be a great contribution to mankind, as such knowledge would help us to effect a change in our collective consciousness, and perhaps, as a result of that, we would deviate from the path of self destruction in which we currently are.

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The US Air Force / U.S. Navy Project to Create and Operate 
Traversable Wormholes and the UFO / ET incidence in Puerto Rico - Part 3

By Jorge Martín
C. All rights reserved.
Do not reproduce without permission.

            In August of year 1991 personnel of the US armed forces and US intelligence agencies took control of the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse area for several weeks to do some mysterious top-secret experiments with highly sophisticated electronic equipments.
            Not even the mayors of the municipalities of Lajas and Cabo Rojo were allowed to enter the area where the lighthouse is located at, and when the mayors and some journalists asked the officers in charge of the operation what was it they were doing there, the officers replied THAT THE MATTER INVOLVED WITH WHAT THEY WERE DOING THERE HAD TO DO WITH US NATIONAL SECURITY,  THEREFORE THEY DID NOT HAVE TO GIVE ANY EXPLANATIONS TO ANYONE.
            What was it they were doing there?
What was the reason for all the secrecy about it?
            In this third article of the series we’ll discuss important events which indicate that the US armed forces have been studying the alien wormholes that are manifesting in Puerto Rico, and also trying to emulate them by electronic means.

The ROTHER System in Vieques and 'Cracks in The Sky'

For many decades, the island-municipality of Vieques, which is part of the territory of the archipelago of Puerto Rico, and located some miles to the east of the main island, was under the control of the Navy of the United States of America, who used it for bombings and other type of military exercises, including experimention of new weapons, even being Vieques an inhabited island.
But there was another, different type of experimentation that was being made by the US Navy in Vieques, which according to findings derived from our research in the island-municipality seemed to be related to the type of phenomena we discussed in our previous articles, the creation of apparent cosmic portals or wormholes, but with the difference that the manifestation of such portals was electronically induced and controlled.
            On Fathers Day, in June 2001 (shortly after the protests organized by the people of Vieques and in general the people of Puerto Rico, asking for the US Navy to stop the military exercises and the bombing on the inhabited island-municipality forced the US Navy) to leave the island,  Vieques citizen José "Chino" Rosa and his wife were horse riding through the area of what , until recently, had been the so called western part of U.S. Navy base.
            Later, Mr. Rosa and his wife rode into the area of 'bunkers where the US Navy previously stored and kept its explosives, weapons, etc.
            They continued riding into the area of Laguna Playa Grande, a lagoon that borders the southern coastline, and between 2:30 and 3:00 pm, they arrived to the site on which the US Navy installed an Over the Horizon Radar system (ROTHR), a mini HAARP, and once there they witnessed a truly fantastic event.
            During an interview, Mr. Rosa explained to us what they saw: “We were right in front of the system's antennas -he said- and the sky opened. All of a sudden, there was a huge opening and a huge ball of bright gray light came out from the opening and impacted  one of the antennas, and the noise of a loud explosion was heard.
            “It was like when lightning strikes very close to you, that the accompanying thunder clap is deafening”.
When this happened their horses panicked, and his wife was thrown down from her horse, which resulted in a fractured a knee, and she had to receive emergency medical help in at the Vieques Hospital.
            We explored with the witness the possibility that what occurred could have been caused by bad weather, rain, etc.., but he said that on that day the weather was fine, with a clear, cloudless, sunny sky, and that it was precisely due to that same fact that what happened intrigued them.
            I asked Mr. Rosa to describe exactly what they observed pertaining to the alleged ’opening’ in the sky, and he repeated that the sky high above the antennas of the ROTHR system was sunny and there was a perfect blue sky, but there was a phenomenon in which "... a hole in the air appeared, as if someone had cut that space of the sky with a huge knife and a huge crack appeared, from which the ball of bright grayish light came out, light or energy, whatever it was. "
            He described the aforementioned "energy ball" or "light" as a spherical mass of bright grayish/blue light wich left  behind of it a bright streak of light, and added that "... this type of event has occurred before in several occasions, always when the ROTHER system is in operational mode”.
Due to our research in Vieques we already knew that such type of events were happening at the ROTHER’s. On one occasion one of these abnormal discharges killed several cows that were grazing near the radar, and the event was covered-up by the US Navy.

 "Other people had seen similar things, and it was commented here in Vieques, but now it happenend to us,  and I have no doubts about what was said, because now we both saw it with our own eyes."
            Another citizen, Mr. Pablo Delerme, was driving his pick up truck in that same area accompanied by his wife, and they both also observed the surprising event. As a matter of fact, they were the ones who rushed Rosa's wife to the hospital.
            During our interview to Mr. Delerme, he told us that: "We were in our vehicle, near the radar site, and we suddenly saw above, right over the antenna, that the sky became bright… and the sky opened and a great cavity great appeared.
“Inside that huge cavity or hole -he added- you could see a deep blue colored sky. It was like looking at the normal and another sky could be seen inside that crack, with an another sky that was of a brighter and a more intense blue hue. An then,  something came out from that cavity, amid a roar, and went down,striking the antennas and the ground.
         "It was very strange, because the weather was fine, with a clear sky. It was not cloudy or raining. "
            Delerme said the phenomenon lasted only a few seconds, and offered other important details.
            According to him, “…the big crack in the sky suddenly grew vertical fashion, and then opened wider to the sides."
            He also noted that "... it was like seeing another sky, the sky looked normal, but there seemed to be another sky inside that hole, another infinite, space beyond.
         "It was truly impressive, and then that ball of light came out from it and fell. That is the best way I can describe everything we saw, based on what we envisioned."

What the Vieques witnesses described suggests that what they all observed could be the manifestation of a stargate or a threshold that would connect our dimensional reality with a different one, another plane of existence, or a parallel universe to ours, and the ROTHR, as we said, is a project of the Navy of the United States of America.
            These events could imply that the US federal authorities seem to be experimenting in the territory of Puerto Rico with electronic systems as a means to achieve access and/or control cosmic-dimensional portals or wormholes, in this case on the Puerto Rican island-municipality of Vieques.
            But we have now found more concrete data wich seem to support the reality of this suspicion of ours.

The Explanation for the Secret Military Exercises in the South-West 
of Puerto Rico: a US Air Force / U.S. Navy Traversable Wormholes Secret Project

            Everything we've revealed in our previous articles indicates that the ocurrance of cosmic wormholes or cosmic-dimensional corridors in our territory is not something casual, but rather frequent and controlled by other non-terrestrial intelligence sources.
            Other findings we made during our investigations in the southwest ans northwest regions of Puerto Rico allowed us to understand the real reason behind the unusual interest of the US authorities to take control of an area in the south-west where they installed the facilities of a radar baloon, in the Olivares sector of the municipality of Lajas, and also the apparent reason behind secret U.S. military operations and experiments military personnel made with sophisticated electronic equipments in the vicinity of the Cabo Rojo lighthouse, and also with the use of the facilities of the Arecibo Radio Observatory, to study the ionosphere and make a series of experiments with ionizing gases in the sky of Puerto Rico, called Coquí 1 and Coquí 2: in addition to being aware of the existence of alien bases or facilities both underground and undersea in that region, the US authorities were  investigating and keeping watch on the  UFO / ET  activity in the region, but also studied and monitored the frequent activation of the wormholes in the area.
            This is another altogether different and until now unknown reason for the importance the archipelago of Puerto Rico has to security and intelligence agencies of the United States of America.
            The interest of the US in keeping Puerto Rico as a colonial territory of that nation responds not only to geo-political interests or a policy of colonial exploitation, nor to an ordinary attitude of imperial hubris, it is also because they are aware of the reality of what's happening in our country on the issue of UFO / alien activity, and aim to understand how these portals function, in order to control and operate them, and eventually use them.
            The evidence of this lies in what we’ll discuss below.
            The Air Force and U.S. Navy are locked at this point in the implementation of several research projects aimed at achieving teleportation by creating and controlling cosmic  traversable wormholes and / or stargates.
            The existence of such projects was recently publicly disclosed through a paper on a study published by the Research Laboratory of the Air Force Material Command Air Force Base and Edwards Air Force Base in California.
            This survey, titled 'Teletransportation Physics Study, is headed by Eric W. Davis, Ph.D, Warp Drive Metrics 4849, San Rafael Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89120, and the document was recently released for publication and distribution without restriction (see image below), so we will quote some parts of it corroborating what we've been reporting on this post.
            Due to space reasons we emphasize only on some aspects of the literature in the study, relevant to what we have discussed so far.
            The study asks how traversable wormholes can be obtained (with the use of current terrestrial technology) high levels of negative energy to stimulate the creation of portals or traversable wormholes, and that this would be done through various means, but indicates that the easiest method would be through the use of laser light strongly compressed, so we will emphasize in this method.
            According to the study, negative energy can be generated by means of ultra high intensity lasers coupled with an ultra fast rotating mirror system.
            A laser beam is passed through an optical cavity resonator made of lithium niobate crystal (LiNb-O3) in the form of a cylinder with rounded silver terminals, to reflect light.
            The resonator acts to produce a beam of low-frequency in which the pattern of the photons is redesigned to a pair - this is the quantum optical effect of "compression" of light.
            The light beam emerges from the resonator containing compressed pulses of negative energy pulses mixed with positive energy. Preparing a set of rapidly rotating mirrors for separating the pulses of positive and negative energy from each other - the light beams are strike the surface of each of the mirrors in an inclination angle dimmer, while the rotation ensures energy pulses which are reflected at an angle slightly different from the pulses of positive energy.
            The small spatial separation of the two different energy pulses will occur at some distance from the rotating mirror, another mirror system will be necessary to redirect the negative energy pulses to an isolated spot and concentrate from this point (see Figure 1).
Another means for compressing the light would be manufacturing extremely reliable light pulses which contain one, two, three, etc. photons and combine each other to create the desired state of compression. The superimposing of many of these states could, theoretically, produce bursts of intense negative energy (see Figure below).
            We will leave it here, pertaining to the study published by the Air Force.
Everything mentioned in the US Air Force/ US Navy study allowed us to understand what was it that the US armed forces personnel were doing in August 1991 at the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse sector, and the reason behind the secrecy imposed on the matter.
Obviously, they were investigated the presence of the alien wormholes in the sky over the area and their connection with the very high alien / UFO activity in the territory of Puerto Rico.
            We have noted a 'coincidence', if we can call it that, in the similarity of the electronics equipments discussed in the study and those described by witnesses of Cabo Rojo, Lajas, and Guánica municipalities pertaining to the sophisticated equipments that the US technicians and US military personnel mobilized throughout the south-west and west of the island, which they installed for a period of time in the Cabo Rojo lighthouse premises and used in some kind of secret research of the sky over the area looking to the south-west, north-east and the north-west, precisely at the points in the sky at which the alien wormholes we discovered and discussed about in our previous articles in this blog, are manifesting themselves.
            The description given by the witnesses of a so-called 'big cannon-telescope' being transported in the region on a US military truck, on a platform, is compatible with the description of a laser cannon (see photo) that could be used for military exercises, but also as part of a laser system similar to the ones the US Air Force allegedly would use to stimulate the generation of stargates or traversable wormholes.

This, together with the fact that the base of the Lajas radar blimp is under the control of the U.S. Air Force, suggests to us that the US Air Force is investigating and studying the manifestation of the stargates in the sky of the region in an attempt, together with their own studies, to achieve the means to control at will the generation of such wormholes with the probable aim of preventing their manifestation in order to control the access of aliens to the area, and even, perhaps, to gain access themselves to the site from which such intelligences originate.
            Now we also understand why the Lajas Radar Blimp ( its base station is a site of many UFO incidents) was installed in the municipality: to monitor and study the cosmic portals that are manifesting in the south-west, west and north-west regions of Puerto Rico and to monitor the UFO / alien presence in zone.
            On the other hand, the electronic system of the over the horizon radar (ROTHR) in Vieques, as noted above, is another variant of these efforts to generate cosmic wormholes in our environment and / or to interfere with their manifestation.
            The same could be happening at the Arecibo Radio Observatory zone,  another UFO related incidents zone, as there are rumors that a new system could be installed soon next to it, the dreaded HAARP, and both systems, HAARP and ROTHR are projects under the control of the US Navy, which as reported, is working in a joint effort with the U.S. Air Force in an effort to produce and control these stargates.
            But there is another indication that US military and US intelligence has to be aware of everything we have reported so far in this article, and it lies in the fact that in the area of the former Ramey US Air Force Base, in the Borinquen sector of the municipality of Aguadilla, in the north-west tip of Puerto Rico, is located a powerful Doppler radar facility right next to the headquarters of the Homeland Security Agency and the US Coast Guard Service headquerters located there, and some kilometers to the east, until recently, there was a  US Air Force weather station that studied the solar weather, and it is virtually impossible that the presence of such cosmic portals or wormholes that manifest frequently in that same area, as registered in the photograph taken by Mr. Viíctor Román (see photo in previous article in this blog), would not be registered by the Doppler radar,system and the sofistified electronic equipments used by the staff of the US Air Force solar weather station.

Author's note: We would like to have your comments on everything we have discussed in this blog. Please, contact us through our e-mail, which is

Also, we ask everyone with photos or videos obtained in Puerto Rico or abroad, with images similar to the ones we have shown in this series of three articles, to contact us and send us copies of them in order to study them.

Evidence of Alien Traversable Wormholes
in the Sky Over Puerto Rico - Part 2

By Jorge Martín
C. 2011. All rights reserved.
Do not reproduce without permission.

In this second article of the series we present new data and analysis, accompanied with photos in full color, which confirm our hypothesis on the occurrence of wormholes in the sky over Puerto Rico that are being used by alien intelligences to enter our reality.
More Alien Wormholes in Lajas, Puerto Rico: Pictures and Analysis

            Mrs. Wanda Zapata, a resident in the municipality of Lajas, took a sequence of three digital photographs of 'something' strange that appeared high in the sky on the morning of April 3, 2009, at 10:11 am, in sector Lajas Arriba of the municipality of Lajas, in the south-west of Puerto Rico.
            The images showed 'something'  unidentifiable, and she believed it could possibly be a UFO or alien craft.
            Authorized by her we examined and analyzed the pictures, and found very interesting details.
For purposes of this article we will emphasize on picture #1, shown below.

First, we cropped the section where the ’object’ appeared in the picture, and increased it in size, and then gave it a resolution of 1, 800 dpis.
            On the 'UFO' there was something that looked like fire, flames, and some things that looked like white clouds, one on its top, and another one below of it.
But we also saw that what initially seemed to be the structure of the alleged ‘UFO’ was an elongated amorphous ‘something’ that had at its bottom, in its center, a dark opening that looked similar to the ones observable in the photos taken by Mr. Víctor Román in Aguadilla, and by Dr. Walter Cotté in Lajas, shown in the previous article.
             We submitted the image to the solarization digital filter and immediately inverted the color tones obtained, which allowed us to have a clearer view of its real shape and to discover a large distortion around its opening, and also another important detail, a 'something' with a 'tube-like' or 'tunnel-like' shape that projected backwards from the opening into the mass of 'fire' and vapor-like white clouds extending out from the 'flames'(see image below).

Next, we submitted the image to the digital filter to illuminate the edges of the objects contained in an image, and the anomaly's opening became more obvious (see image below).

After that we submitted the image to the digital filter used to find the edges and profiles of objects in an image, and inverted the color tones, and this allowed us to confirm again the presence of the opening and the tube-like or tunnel-like structure extending back from it.

            After that, we subjected the image obtained to the digital filter to illuminate the edges of the shapes of objects in an image, and the results were truly astonishing, as the opening in the anomaly appeared clearly, showing also how it connected with the cloud-like mass and the flames or energy mass in the rear and upper section of the phenomenon, and also allowed us to see that, without a doubt, the other end of the tunnel-like structure extending back possibly was connecting to some other point not visible.

            But also,  an area of strong light distortion was observable around the anomaly, specially around its opening, and this detail of the strong light distortion around the anomaly's opening implied that we were witnessing the image of another wormhole in our atmosphere.
The strong light distortion in the anomaly probably was caused by the ultra strong gravitational force created by the energy that kept 'solid' and open the walls of the 'tunnel', 'corridor ' or ‘throat ' of the wormhole.
As we saw in our previous article, this complies totally with physicists hypotetical descriptions of how a wormhole should look like.
            There is no doubt about it, Mrs. Wanda Vélez had captured in her photos the manifestation of another wormhole or dimensional corridor in the sky right over the area of the municipality of Lajas.

Another Such Event, from our Research Files
In these articles we have presented, exclusively, the first pictures that show, beyond any doubt, the manifestation of cosmic wormholes in Earth's atmosphere, and that they are being used by intelligent beings from other points in our physical universe or from a parallel universe to enter our world precisely in the sky over the territory of the archipelago of Puerto Rico.
            But bereft that, in our research files we have a collection of witnesses testimonies describing events observed by them which seem to be referring to these same types of cosmic portals. The one discussed below is one of them.
            One afternoon in January 1991, Mr. Roberto Rivera, who resides in the fishing village of Boquerón, in the town of Cabo Rojo (located in the south-western tip of Puerto Rico), was driving his car at the end of road #303, which passes right in front of the facilitiy of a radar blimp system (under the control of the US Air Force) located in Olivares sector of the municipality of Lajas, and continues on to Las Palmas sector.
            Right before entering Las Palmas sector he saw something very strange that was happening offshore to the south of the area known as La Pitaya, but not too far from the coastline.
            According to Rivera, a large submarine was on the surface of the sea, and besides it, to its right, there was a big US Coast Guard vessel. Right behind them was a huge and strange looking ‘cloud’.
            Suddenly, two military jets appeared flying over the area, which to him seemed to be F-16 jets. The jets flew several times around the submarine, the Coast Guard vessel, and the mysterious cloud.
After making several passes around and over the cloud both jets flew directly into it and disappeared! The noise of their turbines ended, and they did not come out from the cloud.
            Rivera waited to see if the jets came out the cloud, but it did not happen.
            He could not believe what had just happened. It was impossible.
           Nervous and confused, he wanted to tell someone what was happening, but there was no one else in the road, and he was also fascinated by the unexpected event, and wanted to see if the jets re-appeared again,  and thought it could happen while he looking for someone and he might miss it, so he decided to stay there and wait.
He waited for a period of three hours and nothing happened.
            Some time elapsed and suddenly the jets noise was heard again, and they both re-appeared coming out from the side of the great strange cloud, after which they flew away from the area, flying to the east. Simultaneously, the submarine submerged into the sea and was lost from view.
            "The Coast Guard vessel also left the area, and the mysterious 'cloud' flew away into the sky, recoiling onto itself, and in less than a minute was completely out of sight",  said Mr. Rivera.
            Days later a police officer patrolling the same Lajas road witnessed a similar incident from exactly the same position in which Rivera had parked his car days earlier.

Read part 3 of this series.

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Evidences of Traversable Alien Wormholes
in the Sky over Puerto Rico - Part 1

By Jorge Martín - Journalist and UFO researcher, Puerto Rico
C. 2011. All rights reserved.
Do not reproduce without permission.

The Rajasthan Times Indian newspaper recently published important news reporting that a group of anthropologists working with tribes in the mountains of a remote area of India had made an astonishing discovery: an intricate set of cave paintings depicting apparent prehistoric alien beings and a flying saucer type craft or UFO.
            The images were found in the Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh state, just 70 kilometers from the local administrative center of Raisen. The caves are hidden deep in a dense jungle.
            In an picture published with the report there was an image of what could be an alien or extraterrestrial being in one of the paintings, along with the classic form of a flying saucer which appears to be releasing into the air or introducing in it smaller objects of spherical shape.
            But also, there was another visible object in the painting that some say could be a wormhole or dimensional corridor, which would explain how such 'aliens' got to earth.
            Local archaeologist Wassim Khan has personally seen the pictures and says that the objects and creatures observed in them are totally abnormal and out of character when compared with others discovered before in that same area, and are examples of art in prehistoric caves that show ancient life in the area.
            He believes this might suggest that alien beings have been interacting with Earth humans since prehistoric times, giving more weight to the theory in ancient astronauts, which postulates that human civilization was established with the help of benevolent aliens.
            Readers surely wonder what this archaeological-anthropological find in India has to do with the UFO / ET situation of Puerto Rico, and to that we’ll answer that it has a lot to do, and we will show evidence of this in a three part series of articles in this blog.

The First Evidences

            We recently received a photo taken by Mr. Víctor Román in the municipality of Aguadilla, in the north-west region of Puerto Rico. The photo showed an anomalous object in the sky, north of Aguadilla, and Mr. Román wanted us to examine the picture
            Also, we were given another picture of an object in the sky taken by Dr. Walter Cotté in the area of the town of Lajas (in the south-west region), a physician of our acquaintance who is very interested in the UFO phenomenon.
            Dr. Cotté believed he had photographed a flying saucer, and asked us to examine the picture, and so we did.
The Amazing Results of Our Analysis

We first analyzed the picture taken in Aguadilla by Mr. Román, which showed a coastal landscape of the town of Aguadilla and the horizon line to the north.
A strange object could be observed in the sky, at a the distance, and closer to the shore there was a red Dolphin helicopter from the US Coast Guard Service headquarters located at Rafael Hernández Airport, located several kilometers to the east of the town of Aguadilla, in Borinquen sector.
            To ensure that the object in the distance was not a jetliner en route to the airport, we cropped the section in which appeared the object and increased its size, and found that it was not a jet, or anything else like that.
It was an elongated ovoid ‘something’ that seemed to have strange appendages extending from each side of it, to the left and right sides.

We corroborated this after enlarging the image of the anomalous object and submitting it to digital images analysis filters from the Photoshop program, including those used to enhance the volume of the objects in an image, the solarization filter, which reverses the color tones of an image to negative color tones, etc., and used other filters to find the edges of the shapes included in images, and by doing this we also found that in the photograph appeared a large number of spherical objects flying through the area when the the photo was taken by Mr. Román.
            Intrigued, we wanted to further examine the image and increased in size the specific section featuring the large unknown object and subjected it to the solarization filter, after which we gave another command to the program for it to invert the color tones obtained.                       
After that we gave more contrast to the image... and surprise!,  we found that the object in question was some kind of weird phenomenon,  an opening in the sky, surrounded by some type of energy, from which two spherical shaped objects were issuing out amidst some form of energy emanation.
            The phenomenon was releasing the sphericals objects that were flying around in the sky of that area!
            Now, what was that strange phenomenon?

It was not a UFO mothership releasing smaller vessels in the sky, as we originally believed. So, what was it?

The Same Phenomenon in Lajas
            The answer to this mystery began to emerge as we examined the photograph taken by Dr. Walter Cotté in Lajas.
            The picture, taken in daylight, in normal size, showed the landscape of the area and a strange object high in the sky, that looked somewhat like a flying saucer with a dome on top (see picture below). 

Also, as in the picture taken by Mr. Román in Aguadilla, there seemed to be several spherical-shaped objects flying around in the sky in that area.
After examining the image with the use of digital filters we saw that the object was not a flying saucer type craft, it was an elongated object of irregular shape which seemed to emanate a gas or vapor-like cloud at its top (see picture below), and was also releasing in the atmosphere the spherical-shaped objects!
       To visualize better what we found about the object photographed by Dr. Cotté, we increased more the size of the section in which it appeared, subjecting it to turn to different digital filters.
            First, we submitted it to the watercolor painting effect, with the aim flattening it, and saw that it had a long, irregular shape with an opening in its right end from which the spherical-shaped objects,were emanating, leaving behind a trace of gas, vapor or energy.
            We also submitted the picture to the solarization digital filter, after which we submitted it to a tones inversion, and subsequently to filter used to find the edges of the objects contained in an image, and its irregular, sinuous shape, and an energy emanation at the opening at the far right of the anomaly, with several spherical-shaped objects issuing out through it, became more obvious.

The image of the anomaly photographed by Mr. Román in Aguadilla showed a similar event, but it showed the opening facing forward, not sideways, as in the case of the picture taken by Dr. Cotté in Lajas.
                   Everything so far reported in this special report is of tremendous importance, because we are revealing something that until now we did not realize so clearly was happening: intelligent beings from somewhere else in the universe or from other dimensions are entering our reality through portals or wormholes in our sky.
It is no longer a matter of scientific speculation because, as we see already can see, it is already happening.

¿First Pictures of Alien Wormholes in the World?

            The images in the pictures taken by Mr. Viíctor Román in Aguadilla, and Dr. Walter Cotté in Lajas do not respond to the presence of UFO motherships releasing smaller vessels in our sky. They pose a very different phenomenon, which we dare to hypothesize is the manifestation of wormholes in our planet’s atmosphere, through which  unidentified flying objects enter our reality from other dimensions or from distant points in our own physical universe.
            Why do we say this? Simply because after examining the images we found that the walls of anomalies seen in these photos seem to have a non-solid physique, but rather an energetic, as well as malleable, irregular and sinuous shape.
            Another reason for our proposition that the pictures show the manifestation of wormholes is the detail that their ends are openings which show curious flashes of energy, after which bright objects emerge from them and fly away in the sky or go down and submerge into the sea,.
But there is another reason: the fact that powerful light distortions occur around the anomalies, buy mostly at their openings.
            You may wonder how important are these details for us to conclude these phenomena are actually photographically registered wormholes, and to answer your questions we must explain what science says about the wormholes.

How Does a Wormhole Works?

            The cosmic wormholes proposed by physicist Hendrik Anton Lorentz and other scientists, hypothetically speaking, would travel from one universe to another part of that same universe very quickly or would even travel from one universe to another.
            Wormholes connect two points in space-time, which would mean that even time travel could be possible thru them.
            The possibility of the existence of such dimensional corridors, according to general relativity, was first demonstrated by Kip Thorne and his graduate Mike Morris, in an article published in 1988. The type of wormhole that they proposed would be kept open by a sort of spherical shell or 'tunnel' of exotic matter, and it is known as a Morris-Thorne wormhole.
            Other types of wormholes have subsequently been proposed as solutions, in general relativity, as a kind of hole that is kept open by cosmic strings, which was already predicted by Matt Visser in an article published in 1989.
            Let us examine more data on these universal shortcuts.

Theoretical Basis 

            The universe appears as three Dimesions in space (top-down, left-right, forward and backward) and the fourth dimension is known as time. Wormholes are connections between two different points in time and space. Although it is difficult to visualize in four dimesions, it is easier to do it in two dimensions.
            Imagine two points on a huge sheet of paper separated by several meters away. You could connect these two points with a straight line between them on paper, but alternatively you could also bend or fold the paper so that the two points touch, connect with each another. By folding the "paper" you are making a wormhole in the paper world of two dimensions.
            Although up to now there is, allegedly, no experimental evidence for the existence of wormholes, theorists believe they can exist.
            Wormholes first appeared in the theory of gravitation by Albert Einstein in 1913. However, physicists had almost forgotten about them until the mid-eighties, when astronomer Carl Sagan included them in his novel Contact, Ellie Arroway, the main character in the book, travels to the center of our galaxy through of a wormhole.
            Being himself a scientist, Carl Sagan wanted to describe the wormhole with the greatest scientific certainty as possible, so he asked Kip Thorne (mentioned before), a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, to review the general properties required for a wormhole to be kept open.

Negative Energy Is Needed

            According to Thorne and others, for wormholes to remain stable large amounts of negative energy - very exotic material in the universe- would be needed.
Such power has not been found yet, but quantum mechanics suggests that it exists. The problem is we do not know if the laws of quantum mechanics allow you to focus enough negative energy to allow the existence of wormholes.
            Although wormholes might exist throughout the universe, one possible location would be the center of the so-called black holes.
            However, traveling through one of them would be extremely difficult, as the wormhole would be so unstable that it would collapse as soon as a spacecraft (or even a ray of light) enters it. This is because there would not be enough negative energy to keep it open.
            But recently, a group of scientists said they found a way to detect incoming and outgoing wormholes of this type that will work.
            If a wormhole has enough negative energy, also known as 'exotic matter', this would create a huge gravitational effect, and this would cause the light rays passing through it or close to it, to distort or bend.
            This effect is similar to that of a gravitational lens, which occurs when light from a distant object is bent or distorted by the gravity of an extremely large object such as a black hole or other  'gravitationally heavy' objects.
            The gravitational lensing reveals a specific pattern that astronomers can detect and even photograph.
            Elaborating on this, according to Dr. Alexander Shatskiy, from the Levedev Physical Institute in Moscow, Russia, wormholes should remain open thanks to the 'phantom matter' or exotic, which could have negative energy and negative mass, causing the repellent effect on the walls of the hole to keep a hollow space between them, allowing crafts to travel through it.
            And again, the huge gravitational force resulting from the 'phantom matter' would cause light to deflect, and this would be a useful fingerprint to identify a wormhole, because any light that emerges from a wormhole would suffer a strong distortion effect.
            This is precisely what we have found in the pictures of the events registered in Lajas and Aguadilla, the presence of a physically ambiguous, long and sinuous silhouette, with openings at each of their ends through which, amid energy light or energy flashes strange oval or spherical-shaped objects emerge to our atmosphere (alien spacecrafts?).
            Furthermore, we also saw in the images, once treated with the digital filters, both in and around the openings of the atmospheric anomalies strong light distortions which are consistent with strong gravitational fields, such as the ones needed to keep open a wormhole.
            If our theory is correct, we are presenting here the first pictures of wormholes in our atmosphere, and how they are being used by 'someone', possibly intelligent beings from other parts of our own physical universe, or from a parallel universe, to enter and reach our world in the sky over the territory of Puerto Rico.
See part 3 of this article.

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