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Did We Discover a Large Undersea Alien Base in the South-East of Puerto Rico?

                  By Jorge Martín - Investigative journalist
C. 2012 Jorge Martín. Do not Reproduce
without the author's permission.

The archipelago of Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean Greater Antilles, is a land full of riddles and surprises that for many decades has been a hot spot of UFO / extraterrestrial
activity. This activity has been connected, in many ocassions, with the sea sorrounding our territory. Now, we have made a startling finding which may, perhaps, shed more light on this enigma.

A year ago we discovered mysterious anomalous structures which lie on the seafloor in the south and east of Puerto Rico, which extend from a point in the south of the city of Ponce to another point in the south of the island-municipality of Vieques, in the east. 

We discovered them while studying the seabed around the island using NOAA images derived from that agency's studies by means of satellite imaging and sonar bathymetry, etc. The structures are much too geometrical in shape, and that detail makes us think they are complex artificial structures, and not the product of casual natural geological formations. 

The first anomalous structure consists of an extremely large rectangular structure which shows at its left end what appears to be an entrance into the seafloor. The structure and its 'entrance' are geometrically-shaped too, and again, they seem to be of an artificial origin.  

But also, starting right out from the top left of that structure there is what seems to be huge roads or tunnels which connect to the continental shelf in the south of the city of Ponce, in southern Puerto Rico. 

'Coincidentally', back in the late 1980s many citizens of the city of Ponce pleaded the media to ask the local and state authorities to investigate something that worried them: at night loud noises and loud buzzing sounds were being felt. It was as if someone was drilling or boring underground with some powerful machines. They also reported hearing great noises like those of large falling rocks which tumbled underground. 

For several days the locals and other curious citizens from nearby towns made night vigils, but eventually the media stopped covering the issue and it was silenced. Subsequently the noises and vibrations stopped and the mystery was forgotten. 

Now, after discovering the submerged roads or tunnels that connect with the continental shelf in the south of the city of Ponce, I think on the possibility that the two things are related. Did the builders of the structures on the seabed south and southeast of Puerto Rico also built an underground access to the city of Ponce? Maybe another underground facility there?

Below: Image from NOAA showing Puerto Rico 
and other islands of the Caribbean and the continental 
shelf of the region. 
The largest anomalous structures are observable beneath 
the islands of Puerto Rico and Vieques, and almost reaching 
to the island of St. Croix. 

First there are the large rectangular-shaped structure and the road-like or tunnel-like structures that connects it with the continental shelf south of the city of Ponce.

Secondly, there is a large quadrangular-shaped complex of structures formed by other five rectangular-shaped structures, and right in the middle, between the islands and the anomalies is a deep undersea canyon known to locals 
as the 'South Depth'.

Below: visual enlargements of the anomalous structures.
Image below: A cropped section of the image submitted to the Photoshop digital filter shows more clearly the 'entrance' and the roads-like or tunnels-like structures.

The images show a vast undersea-underground set of structures that is almost the same size of the main island of Puerto Rico (105 miles wide and 40 miles large), a tremendous amount of territory!. Another thing to consider is that the depth at which these structures are is one of thousands of feet underwater, and they are subjected to a very strong pressure in dark abyssal depths. 

A Secret US base, Prediluvian Buildings or a Hidden Extraterrestrial Base? 

Now, who built them down there, and who may be using them?
It could be speculated that form the structures are part of a secret base of the United States Navy, which until recently held the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba, in east of the island.

At official level, the US Navy alleges they closed that base in year 2000, but who can assure us that that agency did not build gigantic secret facilities and stayed, in hiding, in our territory, but in deep sea? 

Some might argue this, but the huge dimensions of the structures, and the depth of several thousand feet at which they are make it difficult for it to be human beings who inhabit and work in them, as they could not build this type of huge complex structures at such depths, for this would require some sort of superior technology that we humans do not have at this moment. The depth of approximately 15,928 feet is one in which it is difficult for humans to live and work at. 

Another possibility is that the vast complex of underground / underwater structures located in the south-east of Puerto Rico is extremely old and was built prior to modern humans living in this area. 

Its origin could be dated to a period during or before the last ice age, as huge ice sheets covered much of the Earth in those days, and the sea level worldwide was much lower than it is today. 
As a matter of fact, it is known that for some time the islands of the Greater Antilles were one single mass of land that wa above the sea level of that past era. Perhaps a highly developed protohistoric civilization now dissapeared from the face of Earth could be responsible for the construction of these surprising structures. 

But there is another possible explanation: what if the structures were not the product of human technology, nor the product of an antediluvian disappeared human civilization, but the product of a civilization of aliens who have lived in this area for a long time, hiding from humanity?

The use of highly advanced alien technology surely would allow advanced aliens to live and work in these dark depths, and under the conditions of high pressures experienced there. 
This possibility can not be excluded, as there is voluminous photographic evidence and testimony and several hundred of witnesses (pilots, fishermen, and residents of coastal areas all around Puerto Rico, who testify about frequent sightings of UFOs sumerging into the sea along the coastline, or flying out from the water. 

As for the specific case of the south-eastern sea region, there is a significant evidence of this (which we published in our book 'El Yunque: Gateway to Other Worlds') which is shown in an official NASA document, a video filmed by the astronauts crew of the space shuttle mission STS-80, when they filmed  a UFO that flew out from the sea at a point located south-east of the island-municipality of Vieques, after which it soared out into space at a speed of 500 miles per second. After approaching the space shuttle the UFO suddenly swerved to the left and quickly disappeared into deep space. 

The specialist in digital imaging analysis, and consultant to NASA, Mark Carlotto, studied this video's data, the specific day and time and azimuth position the STS-80 shuttle was at when taking the views, and undoubtedly confirmed that the UFO rose out to space precisely from a point at sea south of the island of Vieques, precisely at the point in which lies one of the structural anomalies we discovered, the large quadrangular-shaped structure. 

Below: Images of the UFO that flew out from the sea 
south-east of Vieques at a speed of 500 miles per second ang flew out to space as it was being filmed by the crew of the  
NASA space shuttle during mission STS- 80. 
Below: Photo of Mark Carlotto

The 'South Depth' 

But there is more data linking this undersea canyon with the mystery of this whole matter. 
When we were doing research for our book 'Vieques: Bombing Range of the Third Kind', in which we inform about UFO / alien activity in the island-municipality of Vieques and an apparent secret US Navy contact program with aliens, we interviewed many leaders of the struggle against the US Navy's presence in that island. 

One of those leaders was Carlos Ventura, who amongst many other things told us about something very strange that happened on a couple of occasions in the aforementioned deep submarine canyon south of Vieques, which Vieques fishermen call "The South Depth".

 "I used to go fishing to that area - he said -, which is very deep, because it falls thousands of feet deep underwater platform of Vieques, and is also one of the best fishing sites we have. There's a large amount of sea life there. 

Image below: Jorge Martín interviews Vieques 
fisherman Carlos Ventura.

"On several occasions I was on my boat, launching fishing box nets, and used a sonar equipment I have in the boat to see how deep was the seafloor. 

"The sonar images indicated a depth of 2.330 feet, and I threw the box nets tied to a rope... and nothing happened... they continued to fall to 2,300 feet deep and did not touch bottom! But I had fished there before, and I knew that at that location there was a seafloor. 

"It was as if there was no bottom, but the sonar indicated that there was, indeed, an area below, a bottom. So I gave more rope to the box nets and reached about 3,300 feet. And there still was no bottom! 

"I thought there might be a hole in the bottom's surface, perhaps a cave or something, and the box nets fell into it. But that was not the case, because the sonar images indicated there was a surface down there, something extensive and solid down there. It all was so strange... It intrigued me. 

"To confirm everything again, I used the sonar and it showed the image of an apparent bottom at 2,300 feet deep, but beneath that surface there seemed to be another empty space, and then, the image of another bottom or surface! It was something really weird, unusual. 

"There was no explanation to what was happening. I thought about the possibility that the weird sonar's images were due to the presence of a US Navy submarine vessel down there, but I know how my sonar works, and the images would have been very different. I recognize when the equipment registers a submarine, and they were not images of a fish school either, or a submarine or anything else. I still have no explanation for what happened that day." 

Ventura also revealed that sometimes he and his fellow fishermen heard the muffled sound of "apparent explosions" and "funny noises" which seemed to come from under the seafloor. 

We had received similar reports before from fishermen of the municipalities of Ceiba and Naguabo (also in the east of Puerto Rico island), especially from those who practiced deep-fishing. 

Now, to what do those explosions and strange sounds under the seafloor responded to, geological / telluric natural activity, or to some underground work being done by 'someone' ? 
Maybe by aliens who may be living in the anomalous structures located in the depth? 

The 'South Depth' and the UFO Presence 

Mr. Alicio Ayala, another fisherman resident in the sector of Esperanza, in Vieques, made similar statements about the mysterious 'South Depth', but added a number of UFO sightings he and his fellow fishermen had observed in that zone. 
The fisherman had experienced several encounters with anomalous flying objects while fishing offshore in the early morning hours. Here is what he said about it. 

"I am 70 years old, and I have fished for over 50 years - he said-, and I've seen strange, weird things happen in that area, the South Depth. 

"For example, one morning, still dark and at about 5:00 a.m., suddenly the sky became full of a bright light that was coming from a strange object had appeared suddenly, paced the boat amd then moved to the side, made an angle turn down slowly towards the sea ​​and then disappeared beneath the water."  

"It was engulfed in a bright light of yellow-orange hue, and had a round shape, and was quite large. It was like watching the sun set on the sea, but that did not happen down away at the horizon, but close to us, and it was at five in the morning. It was impossible for it to be the sun setting!" 

"It was not a meteor or a shooting star either, because meteors, shooting stars fall into the sea at speed, because they are being attracted by Earth's gravity, and that object moved slowly across the sky in a horizontal fashion, and then made a curve and went down to the sea very slowly and in a controlled fashion, as if guided by someone." 

He added: "... as it was sinking in the water you could still see the glow of its light, until it disappeared. I remained waiting to see if it came back out, but it did not. This was south of Vieques, in the zone of the South Depth, looking in the direction of the tip of the town of Maunabo, in the main island, where the lighthouse of Maunabo is located at, over there. 

"Many others say they have seen exactly the same things out there, and also in the area close to the El Yunque, in the Big Island (by this he means Puerto Rico) ." 

Also Humanoids 

But this is not all that happens in the south of the island of Vieques. In the southern coastline of that island many residents have encountered humanoid creatures of  the 'Grays' type, which seem to have amphibious characteristics. The creatures come out from the sea and run into the island's lagoons, and after a while return and go back into the sea. 

Below: humanoids beings come out from the sea 
and the lagoons of Vieques.

In photo below: Mr. Aurelio "Yeyo 'Rosa, fisherman 
and a former security guard for the US Navy in Vieques, 
had several encounters with these creatures in the US Navy bases and in the lagoons of the island-municipality.

Is it a coincidence that all these occurrences take place in the same area where we discovered the mysterious giant structures in the seafloor south of the island? We do not think so, we can't rule out the possibility that the sonar system in Carlos Ventura's fishing boat accidentally registered some kind of enormous gate or dimensional portal was being opened in the seafloor of that area. 

Image below: Is there a previously hidden alien base 
in the undersea anomalous structures located in the 
south of Puerto Rico?

Perhaps an opening at the hypotethical alien base or facility located in the anomalous structures we have discovered submerged in that same area? 

As a matter of fact, the quadrangular-shaped structure, as you can see in the images reproduced in this article, is located exactly to the south of the island-municipality of Vieques. 

We will continue reporting on this interesting puzzle.

For any comments, send an e-mail to:  

Or call to: 1 (787) 758-0692   


1. US Dept. of State Geographer - Data SIO, NOAA, US Navy,

2. Author's research files, Jorge Martín. 

3. Book 'Vieques: Bombing Range of the Third Kind' - 
    Jorge Martín, 2001, Editorial CEDICOP, 
    San Juan, Puerto Rico.


  1. Check Bill Woods with Project Camelot about this UFO base.

    1. Bill Woods aka Bill Brockbrader is in Federal prison for not registering as a sex offender. NOT a highly credible source, also is on record as NOT being a Navy Seal in his own testimony given to Federal prosecutors.

    2. Hi Jorge :-) Tony here ex Defense Intell. Please email me at flyingsaucers2@gmail.com
      Also, don't worry about the negative comments, you have always been spot on!

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    1. Mr. Anonymous.

      Thank you for your comment. I must inform you that I have nothing to do with Bill Woods. I must also inform you that my language is Spanish, and that I translated the article to english language,
      therefore, that may be the explanation for the alleged errors you mention. But the important thing is that everything I wrote is true, and of great significance.
      And also, I believe that my English is much better than your Spanish.

      Jorge Martín

    2. @ Anonymous

      If you're going to criticize someone please check your own spelling. Mr. Painfull

    3. Your the pessimistic one getting shitty because you had a hard time coping with the read. Appreciate the story that you read and next time fuck off and stop hating. Twat.

  3. " And also, I believe that my English is much better than your Spanish."....
    HA HA, I agree, ALSO, I think your English was very good

  4. Hi jorge my name is angel rodrgiuez and i live in ponce pr. Your information is very intresting to me only because i know many stories about aliens , a becuse of my own personal expirience of the 3rd kind with 2 alien beings who pay me an unexpected visit in my bedroom window a long time ago. Ever since ive been very intrested knowig the fact that they are here to help. I am one of a million cases in the world also knowing that soon the truth will ocurr from the us goverment which have been lying to everybody about extraterrestials knowlege. Thankyou for listening to me.

    1. Had the same phenomenon from my bedroom window after a evening prayer that my grandad get better. I witnessed at a young age three lights in sky * * * the one at the front went behind the two as they where gping alomg slowly at a weird pase then thwy stopped. Then shot off uptowards the sky separate ways
      ... west Yorkshire . Uk . Talking 11 years back and simce then as a kid me and my grandad always talked about them he witnessed what I sawtoo .. mmiracle I say

    2. Hi, Angel Rodríguez. Please send me an e-mail with your e-mail address and telephone to: jorgemartin87@yahoo.com or send me a message to my page in Facebook: Jorge Martín Miranda. I need to talk with you. Thank you. Jorge Martín.

  5. You are aware that when you go on Google Earth and see those lines at the bottom of the ocean, they really aren't there. It's an error the imaging satelites make.

    1. Can the author get back to us on this regarding Google earth....this does not look like Google earth to anonymous above! And if u read while article he is questioning stuff but is also providing witness accounts which to be honest is more validation of outer earth beings than the lines.....just saying ;-)

    2. And no one can.pick faults in my spelling cos I'm using predictive so there xx

  6. Hello! I recently moved back from traveling. Its been well over 15 years or more on traveling. The last few places i came from was Europe, USA, and then from Mexico.

    I have solidly lived in vegas for 11 years. I have experienced a few encounters myself. In fact just moving back here to puerto rico right at my condado apt me, my friends, my mother and my aunt have seen ufo activity right here at the beach.

    I too as well have info in other places that have actually been really bad. I have met and even worked with militants whose jobs in america was construction. It goes deeper than that. Dreamland deep.

    I have known and also met with various societies one in which my great grandfather was 33 degree mason in New York.

    I live in condado. My info is authentic and would like to come forward with a few things.

    1. Hi, Mr. Cabiya. I need to talk to you. Plese send me an e-mail with your telephone number and e-mail to: jorgemartin87@yahoo.com You can also send me a message to my private inbox im my Facebook page, under Jorge Martín Miranda My tel. numbers are (787) 758-0692 and (787) 363-5247. Thank you.

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  8. Got your email and number. I guess i will call when i can but i was looking forward for a department or some sort of Office?

  9. I find it hard to believe that he had 3300+ feet of heavy line on his boat.....it must have been a big industrial ship.......I am going to PR soon: what is happening at Lajalla-Lajalla??thx

  10. Thank you for providing us with greater details on the Puerto Rico enigma. This adds greatly to the more brief mentions of incidents mentioned in Tim Good's book regarding the sighting of UFO's there in the presence of U.S. military aircraft that disappeared 'into' those mysterious spacecraft and the interview with Arron Collum by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan awhile ago in which he claimed U.S. Navy Seals worked side by side with Grays in experimental episodes which took place at an underwater base off the coast of P.R. Your work contains the depth of information required to place it high in the files of reporting on these vital subjects

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  14. I am currently forming an investigative group to explore the "possible presence of UFOs which are NOT of this earth and EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS" In and around the vicinity of Puerto Rico. I am originally from NY City and I am a navy veteran. The group will consist of volunteers. We will establish a communications network to cover the Caribbean area. Our operations shall be of that which is similar to the storm chasers in the states. We will be soliciting volunteers after October 1, 2016.

  15. Mr. Martin, I view you as the most important UFO/Anomalies researcher in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. I am puzzled as to your low profile and almost non-existent presence in the UFO field today? I am a past subscriber to your magazine in this field, and am also surprised there is hardly a mention of these Puerto Rico Underwater Anomalies in the World Wide UFO research community. I am interested in subscribing to any publication that you may currently be involved in or publishing. Thank you for your past dedication to this important aspect of our place in the World at Large. Saludos! Ricardo Torres

    1. Hi, Ricardo. Please call me. My phone numbers are: (787) 758-0692 and cel. (787) 363-5247.

  16. yo vivi ahi y he visto mucha presencia inexplicable, por lo tanto emprendi un viaje de descubrimiento propio y he confirmado la verdad por mi mismo, es realmente un misterio ahi, gran articulo

  17. Hi, this was a great article of a reality that alot of people don't want to believe... I am also from PR and I have my questions too. I believe that the island have a secret military base and i also believe that they have a secret submarine base located in Humacao. Vieques island is so damn mystirious. I hope that one day every secret can come to the lights.

  18. I have an open mind ......although a large percentage of anomalies and UFO's have a logical explanation,I am in agreement with you sir that a small % of activities there exceeds normal and or natural explanations.Extremely intriguing .Good luck in your future research.Thinking outside the box is the foundation to discovery.

  19. What's the purpose of building such a big satellite in arecibo ?
    Specially if u knew that u won't get no feedback from your intentions

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    1. Hi, unknown. Thank you for your message. I take Phil Schenider with a grain of salt, but keep an open mind on the subject.

  21. As soon as I started hearing about PR non stop earthquakes this old article was the first thing that crossed into my mind. Anybody think this has anything to do with the earthquakes in Puerto Rico?

    1. Hi, unknown. The earthquakes we are experiencing in Puerto Rico at this moment possibly have a natural origin, but it calls our attention that they are happening in areas in which there has been a heavy UFO / alien presence for decades: the soutwestern coastline and a zone to the east of the city of Aguadilla, in the northwestern tip of the island, right over the area known as the Mona Seamount, in the La Mona undersea canyon.

  22. In light of the earthquakes, this does sound interesting. I was reading elsewhere of NOAA deep trench research of this area. This is incredible.

  23. Wow this is incredible. I never heard anything about aliens in PR, but I do believe they exist
    Isnt there a Bermuda triangle below PR? I think I've read before that the triangles are connected to aliens.its very obvious that the government has connections with extraterrestrial beings because of the technology we have today.

    1. Hi, Yowie88. There has been a very heavy UFO / aliens presence in Puerto Rico for many decades (and maybe since precolumbian times. There seem to be alien bases underneath the island and under the coastline of our island. Also, in recent times wormhole-like openings are appearing in our sky, from which spherical, cylinder-shaped and disc-shaped objects come out or go into. Seconds later they close themselves and disappear. There are pictures of these events.

    2. Buen dia y Bendiciones... I have seen you video and I have also stay outside along the beaches of Puerto Rico just watching the stars many nights. Beautiful and romantics. Something magical as thou the stars are communicsting... Sound crazy. Buts it is the only way to discribe it, in english. Por lo tanto recuerdes que en la call Roosevelt Road de Ceiba hay una macinaria de Petrolium y tambien los tubos llegan hacia Ponce, 1-6-2020 haste casi un mes despues los terremotos de Puerto Rico se han sentido mas en Ponce Guanica Peñuela Taalaboa. Y hay mucho mucho trafico de caargos marino marinetraffic.com en esos dia. Creo que las dos cosas puede estar pasando. Por favor... Investige mejor que eso no sea los tubos de fracturar la tierra al rededor de nuestra isla. Para quitarnos lo unico que nos ceda. Y que papito Dios siempre este con mi bella gente y isla de Puerto Rico

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  26. Please send your comments or questions to this e-mail: jorgemartin87@yahoo.com or to my private messages inbox in our Facebook page under Jorge Martín Miranda My telephones numbers are: (787) 758-0692 and Cel. (787) 363-5247.

  27. Thank you for your insight. I am a witness. I am a believer. Peace to all.

  28. Ya hace años que yo noté en Google Earth Maps estos detalles bajo el mar en el sur de la isla. No hace muchos días me encontré con este link de uno de mis grupos y me llamó la atención. Habla de una guerra actual en tuneles bajo la tierra.
    Explica como los militares estan atacando estos tuneles bajo tierra. Si vas al video a los 9:00 minutos podras ver que uno de estos tuneles se extiende bajo la placa del Caribe justo bajo PR. No quiero hacer muchos comentarios. solo vean este video antes de que sea removido. Tambien tengo una prima que vivió en Ponce muchos años y no hace poco se estuvo quedando en mi casa y me conto cuando joven vio bajar una luz immensa como un sol que descendio y se ocultó bajo el mar.
    Este articulo me confirma aún mas lo que ya yo sospechaba. https://youtu.be/F0NEd9gEHFs

  29. The Underground War happening Now https://youtu.be/F0NEd9gEHFs

  30. I find ALL of this information extremely fascinating, and hope you can keep me updated.

  31. Nice and helpful information provided by you. Thanks for sharing, keep sharing!!!
    Online CAD freelance

  32. Hi Jorge. I am just amazed at the structures you have found under Peurto Rico. I’m wondering if u have anymore enlarged photos of the tunnels/entrance etc because it’s difficult for me to see them in detail. Also, the words are in Spanish. Would you mind translating them? I am just so amazed and was literally up all night long reading your article and studying the photos! Then if that wasn’t enough, you state u have photos of wormholes in the sky with UFO’s entering them?! OMG I would absolutely love to see those. I have watched hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of UFO footage throughout the last couple of decades and honestly, you have probably intrigued me the most. I would love to chat with you, and again, would be so thankful if I could see the photos you have that I mentioned above. Message me back and hopefully we can talk.

  33. Hi Jorge. I am just amazed at the structures you have found under Peurto Rico. I’m wondering if u have anymore enlarged photos of the tunnels/entrance etc because it’s difficult for me to see them in detail. Also, the words are in Spanish. Would you mind translating them? I am just so amazed and was literally up all night long reading your article and studying the photos! Then if that wasn’t enough, you state u have photos of wormholes in the sky with UFO’s entering them?! OMG I would absolutely love to see those. I have watched hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of UFO footage throughout the last couple of decades and honestly, you have probably intrigued me the most. I would love to chat with you, and again, would be so thankful if I could see the photos you have that I mentioned above. Message me back and hopefully we can talk.

  34. Hi Jorge. I am just amazed at the structures you have found under Peurto Rico. I’m wondering if u have anymore enlarged photos of the tunnels/entrance etc because it’s difficult for me to see them in detail. Also, the words are in Spanish. Would you mind translating them? I am just so amazed and was literally up all night long reading your article and studying the photos! Then if that wasn’t enough, you state u have photos of wormholes in the sky with UFO’s entering them?! OMG I would absolutely love to see those. I have watched hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of UFO footage throughout the last couple of decades and honestly, you have probably intrigued me the most. I would love to chat with you, and again, would be so thankful if I could see the photos you have that I mentioned above. Message me back and hopefully we can talk.

  35. I am wondering about building a remote submersible to explore and sail there ... I research communications technology for many years ... a team should be created ... there is a very interesting coincidence in the ufo picture to Gordon Coopers picture of that alien ufo under water in the triangle how very odd this is the strucure is identical ! I am at alienportal@email.com ... rachel or anyone here may feel free to contact me ... https://www.rt.com/news/435539-cooper-miklos-map-alien/ this is the link
    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6989364/incredible-images-explain-why-tv-explorer-is-convinced-he-found-the-lost-city-of-atlantis-beneath-the-bermuda-triangle-and-why-he-thinks-theres-evidence-of-aliens/ coincidence ? I think not !

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  37. Hi Jorge, I am planning to visit Puerto Rico in 2024. If I go to Diego Velazquez Avenue in Trujillo Alto do you believe there is a chance I might find witnesses who can still remember seeing the huge ufo that was sucking electricity from the substation near the El Conquistador urban development? I want to make a YouTube video to tell the world about this incident. I realize you cannot help me with this investigation because of your age but I Fully appreciate everything you have done for the world of ufology.

  38. Yo y mi ex-pareja tuvimos un encuentro con varios UFO's en el area del parque Colon en Aguadilla. Nunca se me olvida pues en esa noche le di un anillo de compromiso y mientras conversábamos mirando hacia la costa vimos multiples naves. Pensábamos que eran Helicópteros pero no, Pues no emitían ningún tipo de ruido y varios desaparecieron como si hubieran despegado a una velocidad que solo se ve en películas. Asustados empezamos a señalar y uno de ellos se acerco a nosotros tan rápido que salimos corriendo nos montamos en el carro y nos fuimos. Yo e pasado por muchas situaciones en mi vida incluso de vida o muerte pero jamas parecido al miedo que tuve en ese momento. Nunca se me va a olvidar ese momento.

    1. Me crie casi toda mi vida en el evangelio de la iglesia Adventista. Creo que ese evento hasta el dia de hoy puso en duda todo lo que mis padres y la sociedad me ensenaron. El evento paso tan rapido que no me dio tiempo de grabar un video. Hay tantas cosas que Desearia decir, pero en la realidad solo espero volver algun dia a Puerto Rico y tener otro encuentro.

  39. If you use https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/maps/bathymetry/ you can see that the rectangular "structure" matches the perimeter of a single-beam survey track, and the long rectangle lines up with the footprint of a multibeam survey. I'm a UFO believer, and I think it's important to separate data that has an earthly explanation from that which can only reasonably be explained by the actions of non-human intelligence. These anomalies are likely just compositing and calibration errors in the data collection.