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Evidences of Traversable Alien Wormholes
in the Sky over Puerto Rico - Part 1

By Jorge Martín - Journalist and UFO researcher, Puerto Rico
C. 2011. All rights reserved.
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The Rajasthan Times Indian newspaper recently published important news reporting that a group of anthropologists working with tribes in the mountains of a remote area of India had made an astonishing discovery: an intricate set of cave paintings depicting apparent prehistoric alien beings and a flying saucer type craft or UFO.
            The images were found in the Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh state, just 70 kilometers from the local administrative center of Raisen. The caves are hidden deep in a dense jungle.
            In an picture published with the report there was an image of what could be an alien or extraterrestrial being in one of the paintings, along with the classic form of a flying saucer which appears to be releasing into the air or introducing in it smaller objects of spherical shape.
            But also, there was another visible object in the painting that some say could be a wormhole or dimensional corridor, which would explain how such 'aliens' got to earth.
            Local archaeologist Wassim Khan has personally seen the pictures and says that the objects and creatures observed in them are totally abnormal and out of character when compared with others discovered before in that same area, and are examples of art in prehistoric caves that show ancient life in the area.
            He believes this might suggest that alien beings have been interacting with Earth humans since prehistoric times, giving more weight to the theory in ancient astronauts, which postulates that human civilization was established with the help of benevolent aliens.
            Readers surely wonder what this archaeological-anthropological find in India has to do with the UFO / ET situation of Puerto Rico, and to that we’ll answer that it has a lot to do, and we will show evidence of this in a three part series of articles in this blog.

The First Evidences

            We recently received a photo taken by Mr. Víctor Román in the municipality of Aguadilla, in the north-west region of Puerto Rico. The photo showed an anomalous object in the sky, north of Aguadilla, and Mr. Román wanted us to examine the picture
            Also, we were given another picture of an object in the sky taken by Dr. Walter Cotté in the area of the town of Lajas (in the south-west region), a physician of our acquaintance who is very interested in the UFO phenomenon.
            Dr. Cotté believed he had photographed a flying saucer, and asked us to examine the picture, and so we did.
The Amazing Results of Our Analysis

We first analyzed the picture taken in Aguadilla by Mr. Román, which showed a coastal landscape of the town of Aguadilla and the horizon line to the north.
A strange object could be observed in the sky, at a the distance, and closer to the shore there was a red Dolphin helicopter from the US Coast Guard Service headquarters located at Rafael Hernández Airport, located several kilometers to the east of the town of Aguadilla, in Borinquen sector.
            To ensure that the object in the distance was not a jetliner en route to the airport, we cropped the section in which appeared the object and increased its size, and found that it was not a jet, or anything else like that.
It was an elongated ovoid ‘something’ that seemed to have strange appendages extending from each side of it, to the left and right sides.

We corroborated this after enlarging the image of the anomalous object and submitting it to digital images analysis filters from the Photoshop program, including those used to enhance the volume of the objects in an image, the solarization filter, which reverses the color tones of an image to negative color tones, etc., and used other filters to find the edges of the shapes included in images, and by doing this we also found that in the photograph appeared a large number of spherical objects flying through the area when the the photo was taken by Mr. Román.
            Intrigued, we wanted to further examine the image and increased in size the specific section featuring the large unknown object and subjected it to the solarization filter, after which we gave another command to the program for it to invert the color tones obtained.                       
After that we gave more contrast to the image... and surprise!,  we found that the object in question was some kind of weird phenomenon,  an opening in the sky, surrounded by some type of energy, from which two spherical shaped objects were issuing out amidst some form of energy emanation.
            The phenomenon was releasing the sphericals objects that were flying around in the sky of that area!
            Now, what was that strange phenomenon?

It was not a UFO mothership releasing smaller vessels in the sky, as we originally believed. So, what was it?

The Same Phenomenon in Lajas
            The answer to this mystery began to emerge as we examined the photograph taken by Dr. Walter Cotté in Lajas.
            The picture, taken in daylight, in normal size, showed the landscape of the area and a strange object high in the sky, that looked somewhat like a flying saucer with a dome on top (see picture below). 

Also, as in the picture taken by Mr. Román in Aguadilla, there seemed to be several spherical-shaped objects flying around in the sky in that area.
After examining the image with the use of digital filters we saw that the object was not a flying saucer type craft, it was an elongated object of irregular shape which seemed to emanate a gas or vapor-like cloud at its top (see picture below), and was also releasing in the atmosphere the spherical-shaped objects!
       To visualize better what we found about the object photographed by Dr. Cotté, we increased more the size of the section in which it appeared, subjecting it to turn to different digital filters.
            First, we submitted it to the watercolor painting effect, with the aim flattening it, and saw that it had a long, irregular shape with an opening in its right end from which the spherical-shaped objects,were emanating, leaving behind a trace of gas, vapor or energy.
            We also submitted the picture to the solarization digital filter, after which we submitted it to a tones inversion, and subsequently to filter used to find the edges of the objects contained in an image, and its irregular, sinuous shape, and an energy emanation at the opening at the far right of the anomaly, with several spherical-shaped objects issuing out through it, became more obvious.

The image of the anomaly photographed by Mr. Román in Aguadilla showed a similar event, but it showed the opening facing forward, not sideways, as in the case of the picture taken by Dr. Cotté in Lajas.
                   Everything so far reported in this special report is of tremendous importance, because we are revealing something that until now we did not realize so clearly was happening: intelligent beings from somewhere else in the universe or from other dimensions are entering our reality through portals or wormholes in our sky.
It is no longer a matter of scientific speculation because, as we see already can see, it is already happening.

¿First Pictures of Alien Wormholes in the World?

            The images in the pictures taken by Mr. Viíctor Román in Aguadilla, and Dr. Walter Cotté in Lajas do not respond to the presence of UFO motherships releasing smaller vessels in our sky. They pose a very different phenomenon, which we dare to hypothesize is the manifestation of wormholes in our planet’s atmosphere, through which  unidentified flying objects enter our reality from other dimensions or from distant points in our own physical universe.
            Why do we say this? Simply because after examining the images we found that the walls of anomalies seen in these photos seem to have a non-solid physique, but rather an energetic, as well as malleable, irregular and sinuous shape.
            Another reason for our proposition that the pictures show the manifestation of wormholes is the detail that their ends are openings which show curious flashes of energy, after which bright objects emerge from them and fly away in the sky or go down and submerge into the sea,.
But there is another reason: the fact that powerful light distortions occur around the anomalies, buy mostly at their openings.
            You may wonder how important are these details for us to conclude these phenomena are actually photographically registered wormholes, and to answer your questions we must explain what science says about the wormholes.

How Does a Wormhole Works?

            The cosmic wormholes proposed by physicist Hendrik Anton Lorentz and other scientists, hypothetically speaking, would travel from one universe to another part of that same universe very quickly or would even travel from one universe to another.
            Wormholes connect two points in space-time, which would mean that even time travel could be possible thru them.
            The possibility of the existence of such dimensional corridors, according to general relativity, was first demonstrated by Kip Thorne and his graduate Mike Morris, in an article published in 1988. The type of wormhole that they proposed would be kept open by a sort of spherical shell or 'tunnel' of exotic matter, and it is known as a Morris-Thorne wormhole.
            Other types of wormholes have subsequently been proposed as solutions, in general relativity, as a kind of hole that is kept open by cosmic strings, which was already predicted by Matt Visser in an article published in 1989.
            Let us examine more data on these universal shortcuts.

Theoretical Basis 

            The universe appears as three Dimesions in space (top-down, left-right, forward and backward) and the fourth dimension is known as time. Wormholes are connections between two different points in time and space. Although it is difficult to visualize in four dimesions, it is easier to do it in two dimensions.
            Imagine two points on a huge sheet of paper separated by several meters away. You could connect these two points with a straight line between them on paper, but alternatively you could also bend or fold the paper so that the two points touch, connect with each another. By folding the "paper" you are making a wormhole in the paper world of two dimensions.
            Although up to now there is, allegedly, no experimental evidence for the existence of wormholes, theorists believe they can exist.
            Wormholes first appeared in the theory of gravitation by Albert Einstein in 1913. However, physicists had almost forgotten about them until the mid-eighties, when astronomer Carl Sagan included them in his novel Contact, Ellie Arroway, the main character in the book, travels to the center of our galaxy through of a wormhole.
            Being himself a scientist, Carl Sagan wanted to describe the wormhole with the greatest scientific certainty as possible, so he asked Kip Thorne (mentioned before), a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, to review the general properties required for a wormhole to be kept open.

Negative Energy Is Needed

            According to Thorne and others, for wormholes to remain stable large amounts of negative energy - very exotic material in the universe- would be needed.
Such power has not been found yet, but quantum mechanics suggests that it exists. The problem is we do not know if the laws of quantum mechanics allow you to focus enough negative energy to allow the existence of wormholes.
            Although wormholes might exist throughout the universe, one possible location would be the center of the so-called black holes.
            However, traveling through one of them would be extremely difficult, as the wormhole would be so unstable that it would collapse as soon as a spacecraft (or even a ray of light) enters it. This is because there would not be enough negative energy to keep it open.
            But recently, a group of scientists said they found a way to detect incoming and outgoing wormholes of this type that will work.
            If a wormhole has enough negative energy, also known as 'exotic matter', this would create a huge gravitational effect, and this would cause the light rays passing through it or close to it, to distort or bend.
            This effect is similar to that of a gravitational lens, which occurs when light from a distant object is bent or distorted by the gravity of an extremely large object such as a black hole or other  'gravitationally heavy' objects.
            The gravitational lensing reveals a specific pattern that astronomers can detect and even photograph.
            Elaborating on this, according to Dr. Alexander Shatskiy, from the Levedev Physical Institute in Moscow, Russia, wormholes should remain open thanks to the 'phantom matter' or exotic, which could have negative energy and negative mass, causing the repellent effect on the walls of the hole to keep a hollow space between them, allowing crafts to travel through it.
            And again, the huge gravitational force resulting from the 'phantom matter' would cause light to deflect, and this would be a useful fingerprint to identify a wormhole, because any light that emerges from a wormhole would suffer a strong distortion effect.
            This is precisely what we have found in the pictures of the events registered in Lajas and Aguadilla, the presence of a physically ambiguous, long and sinuous silhouette, with openings at each of their ends through which, amid energy light or energy flashes strange oval or spherical-shaped objects emerge to our atmosphere (alien spacecrafts?).
            Furthermore, we also saw in the images, once treated with the digital filters, both in and around the openings of the atmospheric anomalies strong light distortions which are consistent with strong gravitational fields, such as the ones needed to keep open a wormhole.
            If our theory is correct, we are presenting here the first pictures of wormholes in our atmosphere, and how they are being used by 'someone', possibly intelligent beings from other parts of our own physical universe, or from a parallel universe, to enter and reach our world in the sky over the territory of Puerto Rico.
See part 3 of this article.

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