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Evidence of Alien Traversable Wormholes
in the Sky Over Puerto Rico - Part 2

By Jorge Martín
C. 2011. All rights reserved.
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In this second article of the series we present new data and analysis, accompanied with photos in full color, which confirm our hypothesis on the occurrence of wormholes in the sky over Puerto Rico that are being used by alien intelligences to enter our reality.
More Alien Wormholes in Lajas, Puerto Rico: Pictures and Analysis

            Mrs. Wanda Zapata, a resident in the municipality of Lajas, took a sequence of three digital photographs of 'something' strange that appeared high in the sky on the morning of April 3, 2009, at 10:11 am, in sector Lajas Arriba of the municipality of Lajas, in the south-west of Puerto Rico.
            The images showed 'something'  unidentifiable, and she believed it could possibly be a UFO or alien craft.
            Authorized by her we examined and analyzed the pictures, and found very interesting details.
For purposes of this article we will emphasize on picture #1, shown below.

First, we cropped the section where the ’object’ appeared in the picture, and increased it in size, and then gave it a resolution of 1, 800 dpis.
            On the 'UFO' there was something that looked like fire, flames, and some things that looked like white clouds, one on its top, and another one below of it.
But we also saw that what initially seemed to be the structure of the alleged ‘UFO’ was an elongated amorphous ‘something’ that had at its bottom, in its center, a dark opening that looked similar to the ones observable in the photos taken by Mr. Víctor Román in Aguadilla, and by Dr. Walter Cotté in Lajas, shown in the previous article.
             We submitted the image to the solarization digital filter and immediately inverted the color tones obtained, which allowed us to have a clearer view of its real shape and to discover a large distortion around its opening, and also another important detail, a 'something' with a 'tube-like' or 'tunnel-like' shape that projected backwards from the opening into the mass of 'fire' and vapor-like white clouds extending out from the 'flames'(see image below).

Next, we submitted the image to the digital filter to illuminate the edges of the objects contained in an image, and the anomaly's opening became more obvious (see image below).

After that we submitted the image to the digital filter used to find the edges and profiles of objects in an image, and inverted the color tones, and this allowed us to confirm again the presence of the opening and the tube-like or tunnel-like structure extending back from it.

            After that, we subjected the image obtained to the digital filter to illuminate the edges of the shapes of objects in an image, and the results were truly astonishing, as the opening in the anomaly appeared clearly, showing also how it connected with the cloud-like mass and the flames or energy mass in the rear and upper section of the phenomenon, and also allowed us to see that, without a doubt, the other end of the tunnel-like structure extending back possibly was connecting to some other point not visible.

            But also,  an area of strong light distortion was observable around the anomaly, specially around its opening, and this detail of the strong light distortion around the anomaly's opening implied that we were witnessing the image of another wormhole in our atmosphere.
The strong light distortion in the anomaly probably was caused by the ultra strong gravitational force created by the energy that kept 'solid' and open the walls of the 'tunnel', 'corridor ' or ‘throat ' of the wormhole.
As we saw in our previous article, this complies totally with physicists hypotetical descriptions of how a wormhole should look like.
            There is no doubt about it, Mrs. Wanda Vélez had captured in her photos the manifestation of another wormhole or dimensional corridor in the sky right over the area of the municipality of Lajas.

Another Such Event, from our Research Files
In these articles we have presented, exclusively, the first pictures that show, beyond any doubt, the manifestation of cosmic wormholes in Earth's atmosphere, and that they are being used by intelligent beings from other points in our physical universe or from a parallel universe to enter our world precisely in the sky over the territory of the archipelago of Puerto Rico.
            But bereft that, in our research files we have a collection of witnesses testimonies describing events observed by them which seem to be referring to these same types of cosmic portals. The one discussed below is one of them.
            One afternoon in January 1991, Mr. Roberto Rivera, who resides in the fishing village of Boquerón, in the town of Cabo Rojo (located in the south-western tip of Puerto Rico), was driving his car at the end of road #303, which passes right in front of the facilitiy of a radar blimp system (under the control of the US Air Force) located in Olivares sector of the municipality of Lajas, and continues on to Las Palmas sector.
            Right before entering Las Palmas sector he saw something very strange that was happening offshore to the south of the area known as La Pitaya, but not too far from the coastline.
            According to Rivera, a large submarine was on the surface of the sea, and besides it, to its right, there was a big US Coast Guard vessel. Right behind them was a huge and strange looking ‘cloud’.
            Suddenly, two military jets appeared flying over the area, which to him seemed to be F-16 jets. The jets flew several times around the submarine, the Coast Guard vessel, and the mysterious cloud.
After making several passes around and over the cloud both jets flew directly into it and disappeared! The noise of their turbines ended, and they did not come out from the cloud.
            Rivera waited to see if the jets came out the cloud, but it did not happen.
            He could not believe what had just happened. It was impossible.
           Nervous and confused, he wanted to tell someone what was happening, but there was no one else in the road, and he was also fascinated by the unexpected event, and wanted to see if the jets re-appeared again,  and thought it could happen while he looking for someone and he might miss it, so he decided to stay there and wait.
He waited for a period of three hours and nothing happened.
            Some time elapsed and suddenly the jets noise was heard again, and they both re-appeared coming out from the side of the great strange cloud, after which they flew away from the area, flying to the east. Simultaneously, the submarine submerged into the sea and was lost from view.
            "The Coast Guard vessel also left the area, and the mysterious 'cloud' flew away into the sky, recoiling onto itself, and in less than a minute was completely out of sight",  said Mr. Rivera.
            Days later a police officer patrolling the same Lajas road witnessed a similar incident from exactly the same position in which Rivera had parked his car days earlier.

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