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The US Air Force / U.S. Navy Project to Create and Operate 
Traversable Wormholes and the UFO / ET incidence in Puerto Rico - Part 3

By Jorge Martín
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            In August of year 1991 personnel of the US armed forces and US intelligence agencies took control of the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse area for several weeks to do some mysterious top-secret experiments with highly sophisticated electronic equipments.
            Not even the mayors of the municipalities of Lajas and Cabo Rojo were allowed to enter the area where the lighthouse is located at, and when the mayors and some journalists asked the officers in charge of the operation what was it they were doing there, the officers replied THAT THE MATTER INVOLVED WITH WHAT THEY WERE DOING THERE HAD TO DO WITH US NATIONAL SECURITY,  THEREFORE THEY DID NOT HAVE TO GIVE ANY EXPLANATIONS TO ANYONE.
            What was it they were doing there?
What was the reason for all the secrecy about it?
            In this third article of the series we’ll discuss important events which indicate that the US armed forces have been studying the alien wormholes that are manifesting in Puerto Rico, and also trying to emulate them by electronic means.

The ROTHER System in Vieques and 'Cracks in The Sky'

For many decades, the island-municipality of Vieques, which is part of the territory of the archipelago of Puerto Rico, and located some miles to the east of the main island, was under the control of the Navy of the United States of America, who used it for bombings and other type of military exercises, including experimention of new weapons, even being Vieques an inhabited island.
But there was another, different type of experimentation that was being made by the US Navy in Vieques, which according to findings derived from our research in the island-municipality seemed to be related to the type of phenomena we discussed in our previous articles, the creation of apparent cosmic portals or wormholes, but with the difference that the manifestation of such portals was electronically induced and controlled.
            On Fathers Day, in June 2001 (shortly after the protests organized by the people of Vieques and in general the people of Puerto Rico, asking for the US Navy to stop the military exercises and the bombing on the inhabited island-municipality forced the US Navy) to leave the island,  Vieques citizen José "Chino" Rosa and his wife were horse riding through the area of what , until recently, had been the so called western part of U.S. Navy base.
            Later, Mr. Rosa and his wife rode into the area of 'bunkers where the US Navy previously stored and kept its explosives, weapons, etc.
            They continued riding into the area of Laguna Playa Grande, a lagoon that borders the southern coastline, and between 2:30 and 3:00 pm, they arrived to the site on which the US Navy installed an Over the Horizon Radar system (ROTHR), a mini HAARP, and once there they witnessed a truly fantastic event.
            During an interview, Mr. Rosa explained to us what they saw: “We were right in front of the system's antennas -he said- and the sky opened. All of a sudden, there was a huge opening and a huge ball of bright gray light came out from the opening and impacted  one of the antennas, and the noise of a loud explosion was heard.
            “It was like when lightning strikes very close to you, that the accompanying thunder clap is deafening”.
When this happened their horses panicked, and his wife was thrown down from her horse, which resulted in a fractured a knee, and she had to receive emergency medical help in at the Vieques Hospital.
            We explored with the witness the possibility that what occurred could have been caused by bad weather, rain, etc.., but he said that on that day the weather was fine, with a clear, cloudless, sunny sky, and that it was precisely due to that same fact that what happened intrigued them.
            I asked Mr. Rosa to describe exactly what they observed pertaining to the alleged ’opening’ in the sky, and he repeated that the sky high above the antennas of the ROTHR system was sunny and there was a perfect blue sky, but there was a phenomenon in which "... a hole in the air appeared, as if someone had cut that space of the sky with a huge knife and a huge crack appeared, from which the ball of bright grayish light came out, light or energy, whatever it was. "
            He described the aforementioned "energy ball" or "light" as a spherical mass of bright grayish/blue light wich left  behind of it a bright streak of light, and added that "... this type of event has occurred before in several occasions, always when the ROTHER system is in operational mode”.
Due to our research in Vieques we already knew that such type of events were happening at the ROTHER’s. On one occasion one of these abnormal discharges killed several cows that were grazing near the radar, and the event was covered-up by the US Navy.

 "Other people had seen similar things, and it was commented here in Vieques, but now it happenend to us,  and I have no doubts about what was said, because now we both saw it with our own eyes."
            Another citizen, Mr. Pablo Delerme, was driving his pick up truck in that same area accompanied by his wife, and they both also observed the surprising event. As a matter of fact, they were the ones who rushed Rosa's wife to the hospital.
            During our interview to Mr. Delerme, he told us that: "We were in our vehicle, near the radar site, and we suddenly saw above, right over the antenna, that the sky became bright… and the sky opened and a great cavity great appeared.
“Inside that huge cavity or hole -he added- you could see a deep blue colored sky. It was like looking at the normal and another sky could be seen inside that crack, with an another sky that was of a brighter and a more intense blue hue. An then,  something came out from that cavity, amid a roar, and went down,striking the antennas and the ground.
         "It was very strange, because the weather was fine, with a clear sky. It was not cloudy or raining. "
            Delerme said the phenomenon lasted only a few seconds, and offered other important details.
            According to him, “…the big crack in the sky suddenly grew vertical fashion, and then opened wider to the sides."
            He also noted that "... it was like seeing another sky, the sky looked normal, but there seemed to be another sky inside that hole, another infinite, space beyond.
         "It was truly impressive, and then that ball of light came out from it and fell. That is the best way I can describe everything we saw, based on what we envisioned."

What the Vieques witnesses described suggests that what they all observed could be the manifestation of a stargate or a threshold that would connect our dimensional reality with a different one, another plane of existence, or a parallel universe to ours, and the ROTHR, as we said, is a project of the Navy of the United States of America.
            These events could imply that the US federal authorities seem to be experimenting in the territory of Puerto Rico with electronic systems as a means to achieve access and/or control cosmic-dimensional portals or wormholes, in this case on the Puerto Rican island-municipality of Vieques.
            But we have now found more concrete data wich seem to support the reality of this suspicion of ours.

The Explanation for the Secret Military Exercises in the South-West 
of Puerto Rico: a US Air Force / U.S. Navy Traversable Wormholes Secret Project

            Everything we've revealed in our previous articles indicates that the ocurrance of cosmic wormholes or cosmic-dimensional corridors in our territory is not something casual, but rather frequent and controlled by other non-terrestrial intelligence sources.
            Other findings we made during our investigations in the southwest ans northwest regions of Puerto Rico allowed us to understand the real reason behind the unusual interest of the US authorities to take control of an area in the south-west where they installed the facilities of a radar baloon, in the Olivares sector of the municipality of Lajas, and also the apparent reason behind secret U.S. military operations and experiments military personnel made with sophisticated electronic equipments in the vicinity of the Cabo Rojo lighthouse, and also with the use of the facilities of the Arecibo Radio Observatory, to study the ionosphere and make a series of experiments with ionizing gases in the sky of Puerto Rico, called Coquí 1 and Coquí 2: in addition to being aware of the existence of alien bases or facilities both underground and undersea in that region, the US authorities were  investigating and keeping watch on the  UFO / ET  activity in the region, but also studied and monitored the frequent activation of the wormholes in the area.
            This is another altogether different and until now unknown reason for the importance the archipelago of Puerto Rico has to security and intelligence agencies of the United States of America.
            The interest of the US in keeping Puerto Rico as a colonial territory of that nation responds not only to geo-political interests or a policy of colonial exploitation, nor to an ordinary attitude of imperial hubris, it is also because they are aware of the reality of what's happening in our country on the issue of UFO / alien activity, and aim to understand how these portals function, in order to control and operate them, and eventually use them.
            The evidence of this lies in what we’ll discuss below.
            The Air Force and U.S. Navy are locked at this point in the implementation of several research projects aimed at achieving teleportation by creating and controlling cosmic  traversable wormholes and / or stargates.
            The existence of such projects was recently publicly disclosed through a paper on a study published by the Research Laboratory of the Air Force Material Command Air Force Base and Edwards Air Force Base in California.
            This survey, titled 'Teletransportation Physics Study, is headed by Eric W. Davis, Ph.D, Warp Drive Metrics 4849, San Rafael Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89120, and the document was recently released for publication and distribution without restriction (see image below), so we will quote some parts of it corroborating what we've been reporting on this post.
            Due to space reasons we emphasize only on some aspects of the literature in the study, relevant to what we have discussed so far.
            The study asks how traversable wormholes can be obtained (with the use of current terrestrial technology) high levels of negative energy to stimulate the creation of portals or traversable wormholes, and that this would be done through various means, but indicates that the easiest method would be through the use of laser light strongly compressed, so we will emphasize in this method.
            According to the study, negative energy can be generated by means of ultra high intensity lasers coupled with an ultra fast rotating mirror system.
            A laser beam is passed through an optical cavity resonator made of lithium niobate crystal (LiNb-O3) in the form of a cylinder with rounded silver terminals, to reflect light.
            The resonator acts to produce a beam of low-frequency in which the pattern of the photons is redesigned to a pair - this is the quantum optical effect of "compression" of light.
            The light beam emerges from the resonator containing compressed pulses of negative energy pulses mixed with positive energy. Preparing a set of rapidly rotating mirrors for separating the pulses of positive and negative energy from each other - the light beams are strike the surface of each of the mirrors in an inclination angle dimmer, while the rotation ensures energy pulses which are reflected at an angle slightly different from the pulses of positive energy.
            The small spatial separation of the two different energy pulses will occur at some distance from the rotating mirror, another mirror system will be necessary to redirect the negative energy pulses to an isolated spot and concentrate from this point (see Figure 1).
Another means for compressing the light would be manufacturing extremely reliable light pulses which contain one, two, three, etc. photons and combine each other to create the desired state of compression. The superimposing of many of these states could, theoretically, produce bursts of intense negative energy (see Figure below).
            We will leave it here, pertaining to the study published by the Air Force.
Everything mentioned in the US Air Force/ US Navy study allowed us to understand what was it that the US armed forces personnel were doing in August 1991 at the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse sector, and the reason behind the secrecy imposed on the matter.
Obviously, they were investigated the presence of the alien wormholes in the sky over the area and their connection with the very high alien / UFO activity in the territory of Puerto Rico.
            We have noted a 'coincidence', if we can call it that, in the similarity of the electronics equipments discussed in the study and those described by witnesses of Cabo Rojo, Lajas, and Guánica municipalities pertaining to the sophisticated equipments that the US technicians and US military personnel mobilized throughout the south-west and west of the island, which they installed for a period of time in the Cabo Rojo lighthouse premises and used in some kind of secret research of the sky over the area looking to the south-west, north-east and the north-west, precisely at the points in the sky at which the alien wormholes we discovered and discussed about in our previous articles in this blog, are manifesting themselves.
            The description given by the witnesses of a so-called 'big cannon-telescope' being transported in the region on a US military truck, on a platform, is compatible with the description of a laser cannon (see photo) that could be used for military exercises, but also as part of a laser system similar to the ones the US Air Force allegedly would use to stimulate the generation of stargates or traversable wormholes.

This, together with the fact that the base of the Lajas radar blimp is under the control of the U.S. Air Force, suggests to us that the US Air Force is investigating and studying the manifestation of the stargates in the sky of the region in an attempt, together with their own studies, to achieve the means to control at will the generation of such wormholes with the probable aim of preventing their manifestation in order to control the access of aliens to the area, and even, perhaps, to gain access themselves to the site from which such intelligences originate.
            Now we also understand why the Lajas Radar Blimp ( its base station is a site of many UFO incidents) was installed in the municipality: to monitor and study the cosmic portals that are manifesting in the south-west, west and north-west regions of Puerto Rico and to monitor the UFO / alien presence in zone.
            On the other hand, the electronic system of the over the horizon radar (ROTHR) in Vieques, as noted above, is another variant of these efforts to generate cosmic wormholes in our environment and / or to interfere with their manifestation.
            The same could be happening at the Arecibo Radio Observatory zone,  another UFO related incidents zone, as there are rumors that a new system could be installed soon next to it, the dreaded HAARP, and both systems, HAARP and ROTHR are projects under the control of the US Navy, which as reported, is working in a joint effort with the U.S. Air Force in an effort to produce and control these stargates.
            But there is another indication that US military and US intelligence has to be aware of everything we have reported so far in this article, and it lies in the fact that in the area of the former Ramey US Air Force Base, in the Borinquen sector of the municipality of Aguadilla, in the north-west tip of Puerto Rico, is located a powerful Doppler radar facility right next to the headquarters of the Homeland Security Agency and the US Coast Guard Service headquerters located there, and some kilometers to the east, until recently, there was a  US Air Force weather station that studied the solar weather, and it is virtually impossible that the presence of such cosmic portals or wormholes that manifest frequently in that same area, as registered in the photograph taken by Mr. Viíctor Román (see photo in previous article in this blog), would not be registered by the Doppler radar,system and the sofistified electronic equipments used by the staff of the US Air Force solar weather station.

Author's note: We would like to have your comments on everything we have discussed in this blog. Please, contact us through our e-mail, which is  jorgejmartin3@gmail.com.

Also, we ask everyone with photos or videos obtained in Puerto Rico or abroad, with images similar to the ones we have shown in this series of three articles, to contact us and send us copies of them in order to study them.

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